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Hog Roast EnfieldHog Roast Enfield

Event dining can be a stressful process but not with Hog Roast Enfield. The logistics of feeding a huge number of guests, ensuring you have something for everyone’s tastes, trying to keep meals out to a timely schedule with every dish being of the same high quality, it can certainly be a lot.

Thankfully, however, with the high quality and novel event dining services of Hog Roast Enfield, it doesn’t have to be stressful at all. In fact, it can be an excellent, rewarding, and entertaining experience all of its own that will raise your event up to the next level. How so? Well with Hog Roast Enfield’s unique event catering services, we look at dining as more than just what comes out on the plate. It is an event after all, so we ensure that our dining lives up to the billing with an experience that possesses spectacle, genuine novelty, and, of course, top quality tastes.

Come on inside and see what Hog Roast Enfield has to offer your events around Enfield and North London now! We guarantee you won’t regret it.

Hog Roast Enfield Offer A Different Type Of Event Dining Service

Hog Roast Enfield

The reason Hog Roast Enfield has endured for well over 20 years now is because of our unique approach to event dining. As well might be guessed by our name, we are specialists in hog roast dining: a traditional and unique dining method stretching back centuries. Sounds like the perfect dish for event catering today then, huh?

Centuries on the hog roast is still a novel and brilliant way to ring in an event. It is a dish that cannot be replicated any other way than the genuine article. Oven roasts may be easier on a technical scale, but you miss out on so much quality when not using a proper spit roaster. With spit roasting you get spectacle and better tastes all in one. Now of course the traditional method of creating a grand fire pit to spit roast on is not quite viable for on the road event catering, but thankfully with the ingenious design of our very own mobile hog roasting machines we can still create the age-old spectacle and taste of the classic hog roast the way it is supposed to be enjoyed.

Hog Roast EnfieldWith these machines your event benefits from a stylish spectacle that is just as good to watch as it is to eat from. Our hog roast looks so magnificent on one of our Titan or Hog Master roasting machines, turning away over hours on a bed of flames until it comes to a perfect golden colouring, rich with texture and bursting with flavour. We cook fresh at your event meaning you’re getting the very best from your roast as it comes hot and ready straight from the roasting unit to be professionally carved by our expert chefs.

Enjoy the tastes of Hog Roast Enfield in all manner of dishes from there: a classic Sunday roast complete with all the trimmings, barbecued foods, grilled classics, a pulled pork roll freshly pulled from the pig. You name it, Hog Roast Enfield has it to make your event dining experience the best you’ve ever enjoyed.

Event Dining For All With Hog Roast Enfield

Hog Roast EnfieldHog Roast Enfield’s event catering experience is unique, but it can fit to every type of event. Many recommend us for weddings since our traditional means of cooking fits so well to a wedding aesthetic, as well as possessing the formal quality to match the style of the day. Plus, for a day that is to be remembered Hog Roast Enfield boasts a brilliantly memorable meal too.

Or perhaps you run a business and need large scale dining for hundreds of staff members, or a client meet, or a networking event with thousands in attendance. The professional and quality dining services of Hog Roast Enfield can help facilitate your corporate events with the best in catering. We’ll provide you a full feast and a fully professional service, allowing your company to get on with the demands of the day while still enjoying incredible eating.

Or perhaps you just want an excuse to enjoy some great food. That is fine by us too, we certainly understand why you might just want to enjoy one of our roasts in good company for the sake of it! Whatever the reason, whatever the event, the number of guests or the style of the day, Hog Roast Enfield can find you a dining solution that fits. So call on us today and let’s talk great dining!