About Us

Hog Roast EnfieldFor event dining, especially when it is a regular repeat service say for a business, you want an event caterer that you can really trust. So much of an event can really hinge on what comes out for mealtime and how it is presented. Everyone remembers the terrible meals they’ve had at events, but they also remember the excellent ones, so ensuring you get top quality dining is of vital importance.

With Hog Roast Enfield having been in operation for well over 20 years now, and having gained a strong reputation and proven track record for quality and dependable dining in that time you know that by coming to us you’re getting a caterer to be relied upon. We wouldn’t still be here if we were turning out poor, or even mediocre service, so why not come in to see precisely how Hog Roast Enfield is keeping up such top-quality appearances even now all these years on!

Why The Hog Roast?

Hog Roast EnfieldThe most immediate thing people ask us with our specialist dining services is why we came to the hog roast. Well for us the answer is simple: it is the best there is. Who doesn’t love the simple yet elegant delight of a roast dinner, after all? For us the hog roast provided so much quality that it was an undeniable first choice to be our catering flagship. Plus, it helps that the hog roast itself is a rather novel dish that is seldom seen across menus these days. That mostly comes down to the effort and time required to properly produce a quality hog roast in the proper style, but we think that all that time and effort is all the more worth it when you see the result – and even when you see it being made!

The process of spit roasting meats ensures better quality all throughout your chosen meat. You won’t a dry cutlet anywhere near a Hog Roast Enfield plate! Roasts can often gain a reputation for being dry, but with spit roasting that will almost never be the case simply because of how it works. If you’ve never seen one then the spit roast is fairly simply in practice. Your meat sits atop a spit over a hot bed of flames. It will turn over hours while the fire underneath crackles away, giving the skin of the meat a nice seared textured all around for that well balanced crispness and texture while also helping to lock in all your seasoning efforts and the meat’s natural flavouring and juices inside.

Hog Roast EnfieldMeanwhile, with the turning action of the spit the meat inside is forever circulating its juices as it cooks, creating a baste that reaches every part of the meat. This ensures that no part of the inner meat ever ends up dry, and it will also mean that the flavour is even more intensive in every bite as it has had plenty of time to marinate all the way through. What you end up with at the end of this hours long process is a perfect golden textured roast that is balanced delightfully with tender, juicy meat, and a flavourful textured skin for that satisfying crunch.

Coupled with the spectacle of the hog roast cooking away you have a perfect package that is ideal for the heightened ceremony of event dining!

A Top Trained Team Of Foodies

At Hog Roast Enfield it is a delight to come into work each day. We like to operate more like a family here, and that courtesy extends to our customers as we invite you into the warm and comforting work conditions and beliefs that we instil here at Hog Roast Enfield.Hog Roast Enfield Event dining is so much about togetherness: friends, family, community coming together to enjoy one thing with each other. Our dining services and the way we operate have to possess that exact same quality to make the experience as enjoyable as it can be.

It helps that everyone at the Hog Roast Enfield team is at heart just a big food lover. We all buy into the goals of Hog Roast Enfield simply because we love making great foods for great company. It just so happens too that we are also a team of highly trained professionals, with some of the best and skilled in the biz at our disposal. From our chef team loving to instil a bit of flair into their cooking, to our service team having the flexibility, skill, manner, and professionalism to adapt to the ever-changing environment of events. We’re always ready for anything, and we always have the solution to bring you a dining service that impresses.

Don’t just take our word for it however. Come meet the Hog Roast Enfield team for yourself by calling us up for your upcoming events today! If you have an event, we have the foods and services you need!